Mt Rainier Wildflowers

July 26, 2015  •  5 Comments

A recent trip to the Pacific Northwest included one of my favorite National Parks, Mt Rainier.

I was on a week long photography trip which included The Palouse, Mt Rainier, The Columbia Gorge, Thor's Well, and Mount St Helens.  After spending two days in the Palouse my sights were set on visiting Mt Rainier.  I hoped to capture a few good shots of  the mountain reflecting into the glass like water as if it were looking at itself a mirror.  "Mirror, mirror, on the wall who's the prettiest Mountain of them all"?

Mt Rainer Wildflowers    Mt Rainer Wildflowers

However, while driving from the entrance of the park towards the Paradise area I started noticing a few wildflowers sparsely populated along side the road.  The further I drove, the more wildflowers we saw, leading me to believe the bloom was early this year, very early.  The peak bloom for most wildflowers in the area is the last week of July through the first week of August.  This year it was six weeks early.

Mt Rainer Wildflowers    Mt Rainer Wildflowers

I knew the best place in the park for wildflowers so I headed that way.

Mt Rainer Wildflowers    Mt Rainer Wildflowers

After leaving Mt Rainier I continued my trip to the Columbia Gorge and Thor's Well.  Knowing Mt Rainier wasn't far off my return itinerary, I decided to stop by one more time on my way back to Prosser. This is the best I've ever seen the wildflower bloom in Mt Rainier.  I only wish I had more time to hike some of the trails.  I'm sure there was a bonanza of wildflowers waiting to put on a show for me.  Have you been lucky enough to see a "carpet" of wildflowers?  I have, more than once and it's very special.  I'm not sure any image can do it justice, but I tried.  

Mt Rainer Wildflowers    Mt Rainer Wildflowers


Sorry for those of you planning a trip to Mt Rainier for the wildflowers this year.  You will get to see them, but in their deceased state.  :-)

Mt Rainer Wildflowers

Lucky Big Bear out..



Cris Scribner(non-registered)
I love, love, love them! These pics would look nice next to my other photos of the sunflowers that I got from you. Planning to retire in this area. I miss it.
Robin & Larry(non-registered)
Very nice John.
Robert Baker(non-registered)
Sorry I missed it! Had heard they were really early this year. Wonder if Mt Shuksan's color will be affected?!? Though it is triggered by shorter days in the fall...
Excellent pics John - nice hi-res I wanted to reach out and pick them.... :)
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