Bryce Canyon

August 20, 2014  •  7 Comments

Bryce Canyon is located in the southwestern part of Utah. Nothing much has changed since my last visit except for more people in the park.

Inspiration Point is one of my favorite locations in the park.  There are numerous vantage points from which you can obtain images.  The second image is an excellent example of what I always tell people,  "Look for the image within the image".


Inspiration PointNikon D800: Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8: ISO 200: 1/200 @ f/11.0

Inspiration PointNikon D1X: Nikkor 105mm f/2.8: ISO 200: 1/125 @ f/11.0


Thor's Hammer is location on the Navajo Loop Trail.  The best angle isn't from the viewpoint on the ridge but rather down lower on the trail a few hundred feet. Thor's HammerApple iPhone 5s: Apple 4.12mm f/2.2: ISO 40: 1/5000 @ f/2.2


The next image is also from the Navajo Loop Trail but from on top of the ridge.  The one big cloud makes this image pop for me.

Sunset PointNikon D800: Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8: ISO 200: 1/80 @ f/16.0


Sunset Point pretty much describes the image I captured here a few years back.  The colors are amazing, and it was even better being there in person.
Sunrise PointNikon D600: Nikkor 16-35mm f/4.0: ISO 200: 1/4sec @ f/11.0


Natural Bridge was always a very hard shot for me until I purchased my 14-24mm lens and put it on a full frame body.  Now I can get the Bridge and surrounding area.  However, there are limited angles from which to capture the shot so most everything you see from this area will look pretty much the same,.

Natural BridgeNikon D800: Nikkor 14-24mm f/2.8: ISO 200: 1/400 @ f/11.0


This next image is from "Wall Street".  This is one of my favorite places in the park.  Even though it's a moderate to difficult trail, mainly because of the elevation change in such a short distance, it still attracts many people.  The trail is 1.6 miles in length and traverses through Wall Street and past the Twin Bridges before completing the loop.

I see most people walk right by these lodgepole pines and don't think twice about looking up.  Others take shots with their phones or point and shoot cameras and never get images as dramatic as this.  

On my last trip, there was a family from Australia taking photos next to me.  The woman had a Nikon so I volunteered to let her borrow my wide angle lens and showed her how to capture the image.  I hope she got one like this.

Wall Street


I finally made it to the Mossy Creek area where there is a cave and waterfall. There really isn't a cave here but instead what people in Tennessee call a "Rock House". The waterfall isn't very picturesque but it's still worth a visit.


Shirley Duebber(non-registered)
John I have never seen anything so beautiful,it looks like it was carved by someone and the colors are out of this world
Love all of them Thanks so much
Ted Bowling(non-registered)
You really scored with the clouds here! Great work.
John and Porter(non-registered)
Wow oh wow! Great photos with your 14-24mm lens!!!!
eldon & bonny(non-registered)
Gorgeous!!, as always. The sunset was spectacular, beautiful colors.
Hope the lady from Australia did as good as you!
Keep them coming.
richard and sheery dillon(non-registered)
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