Winter ending in Yellowstone

March 21, 2014  •  3 Comments

I spent last weekend in Yellowstone National Park.  Only the northern road in the park is open throughout the Winter to car traffic.  Up until a week prior to my visit you could take a snow coach or snow machine into the park to different locations but they are currently preparing the roads for over the road vehicles so all interior park roads are closed.  I was a little disappointed, but how can you be upset spending any time in a place like this.

Bighorn Sheep

After flying into Billings, MT and renting a car, I was on my way.  After checking into the hotel in Gardner, MT I made my way into the park.  For the next three days I would spend most of my time capturing winter scenes, animals, and exploring the different areas inside the park that were still accessible.  I quickly found areas where bighorn sheep and bison congregate.  


Trees are a favorite subject of mine as well.  I captured these two, one in Mammoth and the other in Lamar Valley.

Mammoth Tree Lamar Valley Tree

Mammoth Hot Springs and the Terraces there are very picturesque.  Here's an aerial shot taken from my UAS.  I have also included a video.  You'll never see shots like this.

Mammoth Terraces   

The northern road runs from Gardner to Cooke City, MT.  From Gardner it passes through Mammoth Hot Springs, Tower Junction, and Lamar Valley.  This is a favorite area for people with spotting scopes to wait and watch for bears and wolves.  There are several attractions along the way including Undine Falls and Soda Butte.  There are some great Winter scenes along the river as well.

On day three I did some exploring outside the park which I had never done in any of my past trips.  I was directed towards the small town of Chico, MT between Gardner and Livingston, MT.  It was an old mining town and is now somewhat of a resort, tourist attraction.  I was amazed at how many older trucks were just out in fields or on the side of the road.

Chico, MT  

And since I like windmills so much, I found this beauty alongside the road.


Overall, this was a great trip.  I really had my sights set on a particular Winter scene with a particular tree, but was unable to get there this year.  I hope the tree is still there next January.


Shirley Duebber(non-registered)
John your photographs are great love the way you capture so much around the main subject. Sure wish I had just a little of the talent that you have
Great job
Ted Bowling(non-registered)
Very nice crop on the lone tree shot. I really like the pano perspective. Also like the way you included the background in the truck shot. Good stuff.
Larry Dewey(non-registered)
Great shots John, really like the snowy river image. Wish I could have been there with you, maybe next time.
Really like the web site.
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