Tennessee Waterfalls

March 07, 2014  •  2 Comments

Recently I accepted a temporary work assignment in Tennessee, working on a project for the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  Winters are mild here compared to Calgary where I spent the last two years.  It’s much easier to adventure out and explore the area this time of year.

My first weekend here took me to Burgess and Upper Piney Creek Falls.  I found a local Jeep club and rode with them to Bald River Falls on Weekend number two.  These waterfalls were frozen just two weeks prior to my visit due to one of our polar vortex systems coming through.  Where is Al Gore and his global warming theory now.

Burgess Falls

Both Upper Piney Creek Falls and Middle Fork Falls are nice and I visited them during our cold spell where I found some ice still lingering on the trails and along the waterfall's edges.

Middle Fork Falls Upper Piney Creek Falls

On another weekend I visited Frozen Head State Park and hiked to Debord Falls.  These were very nice falls and I could position myself at the base of the falls.  There were some larger rocks there which made for some nice foreground objects.

DeBord Falls

This past Saturday I followed the procession of 27 jeeps to Ozone Falls.  The group isn’t much into photography so the stay was short but now I know where the falls are located.  The falls are quite nice and plunge 110 feet into a pool which usually disappears underground then re-surfaces downstream.  However, due to the recent rain and snow the pool is overflowing and looks like a normal stream

. Ozone Falls

On Sunday I went to Falls Creek State Park.  The first waterfall I came upon was Cane Creek Falls.  It was fairly obscured by trees so no pictures were taken but I enjoyed the view none the less.  Falls Creek Falls itself is a double waterfall.  Timing was bad for pictures of this waterfall but I plan to return.  The last waterfall was Piney  Creek Falls.  The view from the overlook was nice but distant.  I noticed people on the rocks above the falls and it hit me, there was a sign in the parking lot pointing towards a suspension bridge.  So off I went.

  Fall Creek Falls

I took the trail and arrived at the bridge.  Not too thrilled, but knowing what was on the other side I decided to cross.  The further out I wandered,  the more the bridge was moving.  Up and down, side to side.  I was very relieved when I finally made it across only to find the trail leading to the falls was even worse.  For almost a half mile I found myself climbing on wet rocks, ledges, and through thick brush.   Piney Falls

When I finally made it to the falls I found myself standing at the top of the precipice where free falling water made it’s way 95 feet downward until it crashed onto the rocks below.  What a site!

After spending time admiring the beauty, I started back and then I realized.  Oh crap, I had to cross the suspension bridge again.




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Great pictures John they bring back memories for me. Loved your comment on the swinging bridge!
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