Abandoned Chattanooga Facility

October 08, 2014  •  5 Comments

Have you ever wondered what it looks like inside of one of those abandoned commercial factories you see when you drive through a town like Gotham?  I recently had the chance to join a couple of friends and take a scenic tour of one in Chattanooga, TN.  In order to protect the not so innocent I'll call them Ginger and Sparkles.

Sparkles & Ginger

I met Ginger in a gas station parking lot where we contacted Sparkles who was out scouting the location for access and sentries.  Ginger and I made our way down an old unused set of overgrown railroad tracks until we met up with Sparkles who proceeded to escort us onto the property.  The first building was interesting with an operations room and several administrative offices.  I the old control panel was especially interesting to me as I have seen these before in my line of work, except the ones I've seen are always operational.

Control Panel

Plant Telephone

The next building was much better having everything from a small scale laboratory, which I'm guessing was used to test samples of the product for quality control, to large open areas where product might have been stored prior to shipping.


There were loading bays for tractor trailers and a room with a large steel door that looked like some kind of vault. There was graffiti everywhere, some very artistic and some not so much.  



We found old plant telephones, documents strewn on the floor, stairways, and about anything else you can imagine except dead bodies which I thought might be a possibility considering the stench in certain areas of the plant.



I found a locker room in one corner of the building. I don't think many people had found this area since there were still some boots and an open padlock hanging from one of the lockers.  Ginger likes boots so I had to locate her and tell her of my find.  We then proceeded to photograph some of the newspaper clippings, cartoons, and writings we found on the inside of the locker doors.  Ginger and Sparkles found a few signs and decided to pose for a few pics with them before climbing up to the roof where we found some nice reflections.

Locker Room

Graffiti Reflection

The last building we entered was a very large silo of some sorts, maybe for grain storage. It was very dark inside so we played a little with light and shadows. Ginger posed for a few shots.


Storage Building


Overall the trip was worth it even if we had to be stealthy and sneak into the facility, hoping not to get caught. Yes, I can be stealthy without a ghillie suit.  I just hope Ginger doesn't forget the masks next time.  I'll leave you with what I found on the inside of a locker door.


I've been to this place and I know the location (I won't disclose by the way LOL), but how did u get inside the silo? I could not find a way in, or at least didn't notice one.
Your post-processing techniques are just getting better and better. Interesting to watch your evolution.
eldon & bonny(non-registered)
Amazing! You always find the most interesting subjects.
Janie Barbosa(non-registered)
Cool! Love the very different genre/tone! :)
How fun. I wish I could have joined in. Great shots.
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